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Current Flavors

“Dry Island”

Refreshingly light and tangy, our “Dry Island Hop” is an infused Cider with El Dorado Hops, then flavored with Northwest Grown Peaches, offering subtle hints of apricot, citrus and pine on the exhale.  “Off Dry”

“Dark Cherry”

Pacific Northwest Pink Ladies and Granny Smith Apples are then paired with Pacific Cherries, giving this cider a mature red glow and a rich flavor profile.  Dark Cherry offers hints of berry, pomegranate, and roses and a “slow” and tart finish.  “Semi Sweet” 

         “Tropic Hop”

Our Tropic Hop boasts a Huge Floral Nose, with hints of passionfruit, mango, and peaches on the exhale.  Infused with Chinook Hop Terpenes, this Cider is as complex as it is bold.  Tropic Hop is semi sweet and floral then coupled with a quick and pleasing finish.  “Semi Sweet”

“Cherry Tempranillo”

After aging for one year in a french, white-oak Barrel, our Tempranillo Cider is blended with our Dark Cherry, offering balanced and elegant features with every sip.  Our Cherry Tempranillo has hints of White Oak, Tempranillo Grape, and of course cherries pleasing the palate with a long finish and medium mouth feel.  “Semi Sweet”

“Peach Tempranillo”

Our Peach Tempranillo Cider is a blend coupling our One Year Aged, Tempranillo Cider and our Dry Island Hop together, then blended with white peach juice, offering a pleasingly semi-sweet experience.  Peach Tempranillo is highly popular due to its fruitful bouquet of fresh, refreshing peaches, paired with White Oak and Tempranillo Grape.  You can’t just have one sip. “Semi-Sweet”

Spreading Mahalo 

Because of our support, your prayers, your orders, and your friendship, we are pleased to announce we give back to our community.  Proceeds from Mahalo Cider Sales directly help support volunteers, aid workers and emergency-services that impact our community in a positive way. We want to help leave a positive impact on our community and encourage those around us to live grateful lives together.  

Thank you for your partnership in this, mahalo!

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